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Runaway Puppet Theater Melody's Musical Mishap

Melody is a young girl who can't seem to pay attention in music class.   She doesn't see the point in learning about composers and music notation and all that stuff.  Honestly, why does she need to learn about music anyway?  Music is just something you play on your mp3 player.  Melody's music teacher sends her to the library to do extra work for class.  While at the library, she finds a strange book that transports her to a land where music notes are alive!  After accidentally setting the music notes free, they are captured by the sinister Maestro!  Maestro wants to control the music so only his music will be around!  Melody embarks on a quest to save music from the Maestro's nefarious clutches! Along the way, she'll meet composers and music makers that will help her learn more about how music is composed.


Friday, June 15, 2018
10:00am - 11:00am
  Family program  

Event Organizer

Marla Ford

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